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Mar 10, 2024
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Mar 10, 2024
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Jan 08, 2024
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Jan 08, 2024
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Our mission

Especially for animal friends through animal friends there is animal place: a platform on which you can buy and sell animals. After all, you want to buy an animal that comes from a reliable animal friend. Whether you are looking for a dog or a lizard: at animal place you will find all the animals under one roof!






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You have thought about it carefully: there will be a (domestic) animal! Animals of all shapes and sizes are offered at the animal site. Both breeders and individuals are carefully screened, checked and selected at animal sites. This way all animals end up their feet!

The goal of animal place is to link animals to a new owner and find a suitable owner for your animal. When purchasing an animal, you must of course take into account certain circumstances. What kind of animal are you looking for? What's your living situation? Do you match characters? What requirements do you place on the animal and which animal suits you?

Why us

Why choose Vee-Plaats?

Why choose animal place? You love animals and look for the perfect match. Animal place helps you find a buddy for life. We take if for granted that your future buddy comes from a good nest. Animal place is the animal platform on which both breeders and individuals can purchase or sell animals. The breeders who are active at the animal site have been assessed by animal friends for experience and expertise. This way we help each other to deal with bread breeders. You can post a review with your breeder and read reviews from others, so that you come to an informed decision when purchasing your new roommate

Free ads
Because the placement of an ad does not have to be budget-specific
Breeders are checked
Approved breeders, so you know which nest your animal comes from
Visible assessment
The best breeders, rated by animal friends
All pets under
one roof
Really all animals except beunhaze ;-)